Blowing out the Nth Candle!

Birthday is supposed to be a huge affair, be it yours or anyone else’s, for the simple reason that it doesn’t repeat itself for more than once in a year. I’m not talking about those ‘leap year kids’ who wait a bit too long for their next birthday to celebrate! I didn’t liked birthdays. (Not yours or anyone’s, but mine) Reason? I hate to be growing old. But loved to be growing up. Isn’t it fair? It is actually.

I’m writing this as a return gift of someone. How idiot I’m, I don’t even know who the person is? Being back here feels good. I didn’t expected such a short time between me and the writing this post. It’s just few days before I declare that I’m quitting blog and here I am. Same. To the demand of one of the reader/s. Selfish in me says do not ask to anyone about any return gift from now on, for sure. Because you end up like this; All giving it up.

Well, talking of myself, I completed few more years in this life yesterday, on January 25th, 2015. Its like saying I accomplished some free trips around the sun through and with an earth. Thanks to government and goodness they give holiday today. There’s definitely a good feeling to have survived this long, with little bit of amnesia and growing hairs to count for. One more boom and year, quarter of allotted 100 years are gone. But who lives for a 100 year nowadays except for some exceptions.

How do people live with the fact that they’ve been alive for years and they haven’t done anything that is significant or worthy?! Specially young years. I don’t remember (amnesia you see! I don’t know either) what or which legends are attached to my birthday. Because (sure enough!) is making one. Other than perception towards life, I believe these years I had were the best for any breathing soul out there. Enjoy, oxygen is still on this planet. Though I sound pessimistic and dark on my tweets and Facebook statuses, but deep down I know I’m one lucky bugger (spoiled child) who got to do things the way she like, no matter how unappetizing it turned out in the end.

Birthday, it is the day when your year seems to be ending quicker than the previous one. Of course, it’s just an illusion, fantasizes and whatnot. And birthday is the full of moments when Albert “Theory of Relativity” Einstein can’t stop rolling in his own coffin. It’s like you’re leaving behind the most important time of your life, and there are n number of generations now younger than you are. No matter how went through a lot of phases in such a young age; passed through the phase where everyone you know is your best-friend and another where no one is, and people you love passing away, lost friends but then you realized it was for the best, achieved and grew in career and discovered a lot of your own potential. And I don’t think past years were ever wasted on anything that didn’t make me who I am today. See, I don’t want to age. I don’t want to grow any stupider than I already am. Perhaps I’m just another old fool afraid of adding/turning into one more year old fool, again this year. But i can sum it up by it’s good to be young than yesterday, it’s good to be shine bright even burning with desire!

On a softer note, this is the same alone birthday where I don’t need to share my cake to anyone. Actually, I learned how to enjoy birthday alone. Try sometimes readers, it’s way feels good. Damn good. Some people are still trying to give best-est wishes “Jiyo Hazaro Saal”. But it was a failed attempt on their side and almost ruined the day for all of me! I said her Happy Mother’s Day and him Happy Father’s Day and made peace. I (hired) gave them post called parents. As far as relatives goes, I don’t give much wind! Or even chocolates!

For the (up) coming years, I want to be more responsible. I kept running away from my responsibilities because believed running is good for my health. I don’t want to make the same old excuses. I want to try some new ones too. I concur that I’m terribly self-obsessed but you know, I do realize that. But my only wish is to be remembered as that girl who never failed to laugh in spite of any other thing! I guess i’m putting the aging in engaging like never before.

Maybe its time to think about life. Maybe its time to look out for that old-new-pro-fashioned guy (What?!) who is crazy enough to love (with) me. Maybe its time to focus, just some more focus. Maybe its time to put a stop to all this absurdity. Maybe it’s time to just SHUT UP!


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