NO to blogging?

The trouble with maintaining a not that active blog is the need to write not that inactive post. Maintaining a blog has got its share of problems too. And trust me, its far more difficult than it seems. Needless to say, much of the blame must squarely rest on procrastination. If you happen to read my blogs regularly, you’ll notice me notice two things: One, you readers are in the minority and two, I’ve been writing about anything for a change, recently. The reason could be anything from different and lack of perception to laziness. But trust me, I enjoy doing so! Also, you realize you are not the same person you used to be when it comes to writing subsequent paragraphs.

I find it really hard to sit down and write a post and update it on a periodic basis. And the biggest problem is updating it regularly. I can’t even update and take my self seriously in the morning how can i do this thing called blogging seriously. Also it’s a funniest feeling to have thousands of ideas and wishing to write a piece on it as soon as possible but going blank as soon as you punch the keys down.

One more thing, I don’t understand why I bother to blog. I mean, I hardly have any attachment left with this thing. It’s a stupid blog after all. No one cares. Not even me. For a long while I was the only one who was reading my blog and now I’ve got some more people or so who at least have blog rolled me (out of sympathy, empathy it is!) but am pretty sure that they are happy that I don’t update my nonsensical posts!

Apparently, you are not at all excited about your post the way you were once upon a time. Not anymore.

Right now, the most important thing in life is focus on something important and idiotically I’m tweeting stupid thoughts and concerns on my timeline. Amazing. I wish I was passionate about blogging too. I don’t know what kind of creative creature I’m. Like I once read somewhere that Ruskin Bond dedicates certain part of his day to writing and nothing else and I started wondering how does he do that and that too on a daily basis. Maybe that’s why he’s a writer and I’m nothing! Heard about Khushwant Singh’s age-defying touch with pen the guy was 99 and never fails to write what he feels strongly about. And I’m young enough and still can’t able to think properly. My point is, why am I not doing something which could have been profession as some people said already. Don’t worry, I don’t know either.

Suddenly, you find yourself in a 140 character fix. In the Twitter era, you are busy scribbling one liners that sound funny enough to you, not with standing the fact that your followers are either sympathizing with your nonsense of humor or planning to kill you or silently cursing you. Oh yes, these are blatant excuses for not keeping up with laziness. If only you were a bit organized and a little less with balance, you wouldn’t have suffered of typing this useless piece. There are always hundreds of ideas in mind about what to write on but unlike before, you now don’t care to work on it. And you are failing to explore your writing skills.

Anyways, never mind these are my personal views about myself but I am glad that I was able to write a new post about it. So job well done for me. Unfortunately, can’t say the same about you reading this thing. Better luck next time, if at all, it happens. Trust me. It will. On a side note, I had a job to do. I had to update my blog. You see? I’m running out of ideas.


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