But first, let me be a selfiesh!

So looking at the selfie of girl with perfect slim, perfect hair, and dress like a cover page model Or looking at selfie of tall guy, with perfect jawline, perfectly waxed hairstyle and bunch of pack abs. You look at them and wish to become like him/her and in between ignoring the true fact how beautiful you’re. The trend is everywhere from Oscar to Bollywood to your Bathroom, you’ll find people awkwardly smiling at their own (and others too!) phone screen while drinking their coffee, eating at McDonalds, cuddling their pet, teddy they grew up with, making love to their mates, showing off their new lip shade with a pout… and what not?! There’s absolutely no situation (in this world, not sure about aliens!) where one can’t take a selfie.

In short, this gadgets screen is the new mirror for them. Remember, when self portrait known as today’s selfie and it speaks thousand words? No, for this generation a picture speaks thousand hashtags. The more hashtags the more you’ll come to know how beautiful the picture is. It has become important to snap every moment of life for this demanding tools known as Instagram, Snapchat… They always ask for more from you like a husband asking to go out with his friend and wife on her shopping spree.

They pretend their self as a professional photographer. If one is posting a selfie every day, their hobby isn’t photography. It’s narcissism. This trendy trends will get appreciated but the art of appreciating the inner beauty over the Selfie Beauty will soon go vanish. But the main thing here is how attractive people make a point to show their attractiveness to the people. People already judge and like you by the way you portray yourself on your social stage, so is it like in coming years people will go blind to inner beauty and choose a partner who knows how to flirt with camera and is a master with filters?! Are badly clicked pictures worth a thousand words or even hashtags too?! This post is not against selfie trend and I do not serve any Instagram, Snapchat… with all love and poses.

To be normal is amazing, being crazy is more. And it doesn’t takes any effort to be one. No need to show it off. You know who you’re. And someday everyone else will. It’s Alright to be yourself. No need to find yourself sipping coffee and wasting time on duing such things, where your two minutes magically stretch to 20 minutes in a second. And even Interstellar can’t beat that!

Their life is like a gadget with full of applications, they don’t know which options to choose from many applications available. And they end up choosing the one that sucks up maximum battery (life) out of you! And they always know that one can delete that damn applications and restart it again but what they do? they let that application to bother them for some more time until the other applications start feeling ignored. And maybe your problem now is “Which is the new best coffee in town that I need to taste?” (Enough ANDs) So why don’t just delete that one application and give yourself another chance to breathe in fresh air?!

I think, I’ve fulfilled my and (a bit) your intention here. Just updated another newest post with whatever I could manage!


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