Untitled Natural: UN-thing

At an Orphanage Home and Old age home I found out that be happy whatever you get, no matter whatever it is at least you’re with your family and friends. Yes, these F words are far important than that one you’re thinking about.

Old age home and Orphanage home. What a strange distance relation words.
One for old wine and other for the fresh one.
One for old soul and other for the fresh one.
One for old blood and other for the fresh one. Oh, I don’t want to this so poetic. The lesson which I learned. And you could too!

When I was doing stuff on my laptop… Here goes, the conversation between me and them (that could open your eyes!):

An old couple: So what are you doing on that?
Me: Nothing. Just want to find something.
A Kid: You mean anything?
Me: Yes…
An old couple: Then wait, can you find a son or daughter on that?
A Kid: Can you please find good parents on that?

I was almost speechless after hearing that. I realized something on that exact moment. Don’t know what. But I actually do. I came home and I apologize to the parents for the fight we had last night. Not having my fault though. Some(many)times you have to say sorry or give up on the person (even on parents, friends!) so that you just don’t lose their believe, relation, trust, faith (many heavy words)… and what not; for the sake of arguments.

On a serious note: One more reason to hate you Google. I’d love you if you find this problem’s solution.


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