Deadly thoughts – The Sense of an Ending

I’m going to write things down for the sake of writing this. That way in a few hundred years when no one uses paper and they find my work they’ll think I was great. What if I’m dead, first thing first nothing will change. Absolutely nothing. Except few changes. There they goes. The first change will be noticed on my Twitter timeline! There won’t be any updates about what I’m thinking. The timeline will just pause. It won’t move ahead, just like that. No more sharing of stupid ideas passed off as wisdom or office-bashing lines or Just Saying tweets or (tech) news related links. Secondly my Facebook page will face the same calamity. I don’t know how my friends will react to this (since and currently I’ve none) because they will be having no idea that I’m in hell waiting for them!

About my virtual world and friends, maybe they will be left in the ignorance as there won’t be any worldwide networking of the news of my departure. It would be as silent as it was before I entered the Internet age and found myself a comfortable space among these people. But then, I guess and think they’ll give up on me. My Internet pals from world wide won’t come looking for me in Ahmedabad once I stopped tweeting or social networking! I guess Internet (could and) has been a super-duper success for anybody. Having a voice on Internet and don’t care whether it’s heard or not! Having a voice is what important. I don’t think anything comes close to the kind of passion having for “virtual world” which in fact, seems more genuine than the real world I breathe in.

I also wonder about the kind of effort I put in on updating my Twitter 140 space, Facebook profile. I mean, no one will do that for me once I’m gone. Thanks to Mr. Mark he gave me an option now! I also worry about my Twitter handle, I mean, who will take care of that?! “Oh my God, I searched for you on sites and you were GONE” mails are awaiting to some one see it. And also what will happen to this forsaken blog which is overwhelmingly forgettable, at the best! Basically, this is just another techie, geek kid who worry about what would happen when she leave the world as if it going to be stop after she left it.

I might be too young to comment on issues such as life & death on blog but from whatever books that I’ve reads, movies that I’ve seen and stories that I’ve heard one thing is for sure, nothing is predictable. Not even an internet era. We can’t treat life like a gift because gifts are always smothered and rendered useless.

However I know the fact, these are all speculations but it’s worthy. I don’t count my family or relatives here. They are the people who will arrange my funeral. But it’s still OK to rot too, right?! That’s due to the fact that they are not as dysfunctional as I would like them to be. You have to be on either end of the extremes to be mentioned in my blog! So they better be left out of my foretasted death scenario or something.

Last wish might be someone will vanish my presence from here too. On the other side, I just love life on Twitter, Facebook and here, not to mention several other sites where I regularly contribute my time. I’m an Internet addict, if that’s what you are pondering as of now and I wish to be this way till the sanity (or death…whichever comes first) takes over!


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