Skill satire

Here in this era, this talk (kind of accidents) happen with me only. Still not sure why.

A well known photographer: “Why don’t you try in modelling or any other thing?”
I: You don’t have to be something, you don’t want to be! Also my qualifications and skills are not for the modelling neither any other thing nor I want it. Why should I become a model for your camera even knowing that I can do batter than that.
A well known photographer: “You got something I need. At least you can join me in my company and make it better also you can get lime light by it?”
I: Is it really something I ‘have to’ do? I hated lime lights anyway. Thanks. But let me think about it. Thinking takes time. Till then wait if you can.

And they’re waiting up till now. The thing is what people see in any women and not their skills. But hello… there is more to women. Seems like their new focus is on women who have lower self-esteem and insecurities. But why should it be based on beauty? The new choosing ‘Ugly’ or  ‘Average’ or ‘Beautiful’ why reduce women to that? What about “Strong” or “Smart” or “Confident”? We deserve something and you’re offering other than something. We can’t deserve each other. Didn’t understand why such mentality still in this world. Forget our beauty; look at our skills, man. It’s different. The reason why we fail to find a true talent of the person in this world even in this techie modern era. Absolutely nothing. I just wanted to settle down my frustration somewhere and I did it. Sorry for your time loss.

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