World Wide Words and World of Words

People around us are fading away and we see it happening every single day but we don’t stop and stare at someone does the same to us. We are in a hurry to make money, power and what not. It’s like being a race where no one is a winner but someone or the other is a fool proof loser. And we still don’t stop no matter what. People often give up their dreams and then call themselves “practical”. Nothing wrong with being practical but dead live practical zombie is what we become.

I’ve got nothing against education. Absolutely nothing. People high on adrenaline may say education makes us feeble and coward but I don’t think the same way. On the contrary, I believe education makes us accountable for our actions, or the lack of it. We just trying to survive those year. Education, we survive. We survive, Education. (?!) But somewhere down the line, our education is falling short, way too short of its potential. I’m taking this bit off about short urban words which we use meaninglessly, anywhere, anytime. And that has nothing to do with education. Again, I think so.

Someone who use the perfect words, replace the daily used words with its ornamental synonym, using perfect punctuation in their texts and making the conversation interesting by not just listening but also participating in a conversation actively is what you call a gem of a person. The depressing part here is there are very few gems who just by conversing lift you up and brighten your day. People these days are more keen on catching up with so called short forms or popularly known as ‘urban words’. The essence of words gets killed every passing day and an absolutely cliché word takes it place. A short cut is the longest distance between two points.

Like ‘Amazing’ and ‘Awesome’ has mostly killed their brother synonyms like Mesmerizing, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Handsome, Pretty, Dazzling, and so forth (etc) as we young people are so stuck just with those two words.
‘Bro’ for brother, ‘Sis’ for sister, ‘Stud’ for student why in the world you need to short the 7 letter (characters) word. Why?
‘Lovers’ are now called ‘Bae’ in a way to make it sound more modern and cool.
‘Sexy’ almost for everything no matter what the thing is.
‘Cool’ this word should be the reason you feel like an icy cold in hot summer noon; the way they use it in any sentence.
‘Fuck’ has become an expression for almost anything be it Surprise, Happiness, Shock, Excitement or Anger.

and many more that I lost the count.

Isn’t these are the people who used to say “my word is my bond. Yo!!” Why and just when did we started to believe in such short words? Is that a reason which shorting our thinking power at least as a human. The cause of all because lack of interest in reading books and wasting time on mediums that helps to degrade their communication skills. Like in messaging applications people make sure they reply as fast as they can and to reply fast, they sacrifice long words, shorten the original word according to their own convenience, use less or no punctuations or just using “!” At every inappropriate place. Sometimes it’s highly noticeable that ! (Exclamation point) is used mostly just for decoration while text-ing. Understanding of the message (and so the person) gone far away when you already did replied to the particular person. Question is why ride on such and much hurry to reply as fast as one can. Not that I’m an ancient animal who is against technology. I am a technology freak. I am with technology. I am for technology. I am by technology. But it can’t over me. Not important than me. And you of course. May be because I value the person more than his or her typing (fast) speed. I agree life is too short to wait. But if one can’t even wait for minutes; I doubt they understand the word patience fully. If you can’t wait for a minutes, hours… simply you forgot to take your patience pills.

Words matters, but not more than the person behind you and listens you. If anyone accept you as you’re, it is your job to not ruin just for bunch of words. The beautiful, soulful, classic words are disappearing while eagerly waiting for your touch, to make them feel lively, to beautify your conversation, to understand what actually person is saying. That doesn’t means you can’t talk non sense stuff. Of course you can in your and other persons limits and capacity.

So why not to give a try to this lovely words and give the urban words a break? And use the power of words as we have. Simple words have power to inspire the most. Pull out those direction-less dictionaries, check those synonyms, sayings and books, read those quotes and soon you’ll discover something that will be with you all your life.


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