Amusing random musings

No. This is not a western wind. Just a fresh air which wants to take part in tornado. Here it goes, the world will be different place if…

~ Creativity, Philosophy is part of the school education.
– Why?
~ For Life based education. And just not to complete grade based education.

~ University (college) education free for anyone.
– Why?
~ Came to know that most students have reason to avoid college’s higher education only for their money problems.
This point have ability to change the scenario.

~ Every handicapped person deserves our helpful hands and special services.
– Why?
~ Because they truly deserves it.

~ The person who wants it. For them “drinking” should not be illegal.
– Why?
~ Is that even deserves “Why?”? (the person should follow drink and drive rules in return)

~ Governments can rule in the country not on citizens heart and pockets.
– Why?
~ Do you wants to government rule on your heart and pockets?!

~ Every child, old person and in fact, anybody deserves a smile.
– Why?
~  🙂

~ Anyone should get what they want; at any cost even free.
– Why?
~ Don’t you just love the word “free”?!

~ One can leave their parents after high school and live independently on their own.
– Why?
~ Old age and orphan homes “thing” would/will not more part of the society. Young and old both minds could be more responsible towards their life and/or their goals and in the end they’d be responsible citizen of the world.

~ Meaning less movies should be give their half earned money to the needy people or even the new entrepreneur who wants/needs to start.
– Why?
~ You want it. You already lose my respect if you’re against this point.

~ Travelling should be free for the anyone who lives on the planet earth.
– Why?
~ Don’t you want it?!

In short, to avoid situation like when (if) I have two coins with me and there’s a beggar in front of me, I give one away and keep another to myself. That way, both the beggars are happy. Because both the parties are merely doing their job. This list is badly needed to avoid such situations. The list in no particular order but itself is so wrong that I can’t explain how stupid this sounds. Are you the same person who once saw things differently?! It isn’t about you finding your answers. It’s about you being brave enough to accept them.

Irony how, this list is still under in “What ifs” title. And it’s true to not just this idiot but also stupid, [Gut feeling is even/odd (in count of any) sense yet?!] Not making any sense, foolish or some-what-ifs-whose-whys-I-haven’t-figured-out-yet.


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