Freedom Friday

When I was in school, weekends and Sundays meant a lot to me (anyway I hated school. And I didn’t realize why. I thought there was something wrong with me for hating school, for not being able to deal with school). And today, can’t even figure out when exactly Saturday ends and Sunday begins and Monday sneaks with knock knock jokes and riddles.

Everyday, the same crowd, the same hush-hush, the same proclivity towards elbowing our way to the nearest available gadgets. May be, someday we’ll realize how foolish we were to be left and right stranded in a crowd. People Play, so as Shadows!May be, this was how it was meant to be. Or I don’t know for sure, this was inevitable, even Mahatma Gandhi purported the view of undoing industrial revolution, or at least curtail it some extent. We are unwantingly getting denied by ourselves a viral and virtual self-deception. Every once in a while, you ask yourself irritating and such a boring questions from “Why do my life (stuck) suck?” to “Where did I go wrong?” and to further add injury to insult, you are answer-less. At least in my case!

Speaking of Friday again, if there was a vote for the day with most goodwill, my vote will definitely go for Friday instead of any other weekday or even Sunday. Honestly, how many people actually ‘live’ Sunday. Friday is the perfect balance between slavery, hope and then freedom. This is the day when you work thinking of weekend. This can also be the day when you feel everything is getting better and someone reminds you of pending unusual work. However, Friday is worth the Monday and other weekdays’ pain isn’t it? Like seriously, (Take note: I can’t take it seriously) Friday is a true working class hero.

The bottom line is they won’t crib on lost time when they go back to work on Monday whereas for the improvident idiots, the only highlight of their weekend will be spending more time on Facebook (can’t believe still?!) or Twitter or other Internet boons. But then again, you can’t judge the social net-workers by the time they spent on tweeting, face-booking, sky-ping, snap-chatting and some more virtual “social” platforms. I may sound naive and beginnerfessional here, besides being jejune! We need to redeem our existence and think for once are we doing what we really wanted or are we simply gushing with (or without) the flow. To be fair with fairness (Racism? Nope.), with every passing weekend, trying to convince yourself life doesn’t (stuck) suck depends entirely on one’s mind. Nothing else. Do you feel a sharp ‘ting’ in your head? If yes, its enlightenment. If not, enjoy your weekend. And do read this again on next weekend 😉


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