What you do?

One foot here. And the other in the land of dreams. Tall as a spire and/with eyes that inspire. Enjoying a date with destiny since i was born. And it’s good to be as best as possible for destiny. In my early twenties, I am now doing what I really wanted and still wanting more and more. Trying to find my place in this world in the midst of my transition to India. Studying for an exam after graduating college is not easy; especially when you’re in your early twenties and your friends are more excited about going out than focusing on their careers or at least mine were.

I am reconnecting with many of the topics I was interested in during my late teens, which makes for wonderful conversations with any wonderful person. Along my current path, questioning everything critically and leaving belief systems behind. It is very freeing and exciting!  And slowly, a vision is emerging of what I want to do, what I can contribute to this world. I have been exploring designing, developing, photography (at least some technically say so!), hacking, and security to make an impact. Can Hack Hearts and Web too!

This is not yet the moment when I can tell you what I have learned, I’m still on the road; I’m still learning. I need to feed this urge of wanting to learn something new, of wanting to absorb any form of knowledge. Just started to explore cyber world with some not-so-common security skills. A tech mind in freelance journalism, in ray of hope, this can lead me somewhere i belong to. And a lot of other things at the same time. When I’m not into this; you can find me here in spare time (If I got any!) or exploring some other not-so-common skills or just sleeping. Will update if I got any other stupid things or skills.


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