Boring blog

As people say take your (extremely bad) writing skills seriously. So, here I’m (about to) take this blog seriously. This blog is just for fun or just in between whatever and never-mind. As they like to believe that I’ve an eye for detail. I can see through things (sometimes) and I remember them (always). It’s a curse for good. Maybe. I’m not sure. I write about things (always) and I hope I forget them (sometimes). However, that doesn’t really mean I’m a writer as you expected. I’m pretty good to destroy expectation. Even my own!

My goals with this site are simple. With this blog, I want to be as transparent as possible with everything I understand and/or some I don’t. Indeed, this takes time and it is mostly not possible to write about a train of thoughts or about something exciting that you read about. It’s (not at ALL) out there for you to see. Maybe you like some, maybe you don’t. I am writing this blog for myself, for fun, for laugh, for absolutely nothing (expect your and my time!). And if you feel connected, I’m glad you made it through Or else just Thank you and sorry if I disconnected you. Here I’m sharing, what I know and learn about living a life, studies with place for everything important. Haven’t found specific favorite genre of writing yet, so please be patient with me. Also, sharing some things I am passionate about.

It’s all out there for you to see. I’m not trying to show off or bragging here – that’s definitely not my purpose. If you’re already doing something online related to this, I hope that my and your experiences – both wins and failures – can help anyone else to reach their goals. Because its not about the merits that you hold, its only about the knowledge that you have! If you’re not doing anything online but thinking about it, you’re welcome, still you can see what it’s like, see what’s involved and make decisions on your own without any hesitation. Just originality. Nothing else. And you’re welcome to copy that. And she feels true happiness if you gave her a bit of credit.

While I might not be able to blog as frequently due to time constraints and my laziness, it is still something that I always look forward to. However, it is still an option to use whenever my laziness and time permits. The feedback on here is precious.

If you have opinions, suggestions, or just general remarks, do leave a comment. Criticism is what I looking forward (to appreciate) by you. Feel free to follow my blog below and lot other things that you want to find from now on. Leave your thoughts where I might have (lack) inspired you to have some. Otherwise, thanks for just passing through 🙂


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