Her viral negatives

Again I’m taking this blog on different subject. A lady photographer. Yes, don’t be shock you read it right. A lady photographer. I can’t believe I’m writing on this ancient old subject but I have to. And I want it too. Ever wondered Why there are NOT many female photographers in this modern era? I didn’t know either, till I come to know about this documentary “Finding Vivian Maier”. (I’m pretty sure you all knew it; if not, then Google it. Its time you do.) Never imagined that there is already a person who did the same what I’m actually doing now. “History repeats itself” thing. Maybe. I still don’t know. Honestly, I loved it since I can relate it. What a perception. What a beautiful eyes for it. For her photography work. And many other as well.

Wonders why and vivianwhat she did in that era. Her (discovered) work includes over 100,000 mostly medium format negatives, thousands of prints, and countless undeveloped rolls of film. It’s still inspiring to this generation. Photographers don’t reveal everything as rare and true they are to their skills. The difference between any movie and a photograph is that the former reveals too much of an answer while the latter one asks too many questions. True to my own photography skills, I don’t reveal her identity more (as she wanted too!). None of any photographers do. The eye she had for photography. Needless to say, I am attracted to her work.

Don’t believe me, just watch. The problem with a morning person is it’s already afternoon and s/he doesn’t know when, where, how to stop. Don’t want to reveal every thing about the documentary since it is about photography you have to now watch it and find out yourself. Then think and thank me why I didn’t. Sure enough you’ve heard about movie review. (Not exactly the way you’re expecting, but still) This is documentary review. And feel free to expect it more.

Anyways, when it comes to documentary, writing/typing is always a pain; true to my very own line Watching is the easiest thing to do after sleeping! I’ve compiled a list of 10 of my favouritest documentaries on the same subject, in no particular order. 1. In No Great Hurry, 2. Public Speaking, 3. Smash His Camera, 4. George Tice, 5. Teenage Paparazzo, 6. What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann, 7. Rock Prophecies, 8. Arakimentari, 9. Everybody Street, 10. Eye On The Sixties… Needless to say, it’s impossible to have do justice to the list. I find them interesting and hope you’ll too. Your clicked pictures worth a thousand words not hashtags. So take a break from your Flickr, instagram, snapchat or other internet boons and watch. It’s worth your attention and time of course! You can always thank me later.