Amusing random musings

No. This is not a western wind. Just a fresh air which wants to take part in tornado. Here it goes, the world will be different place if…

~ Creativity, Philosophy is part of the school education.
– Why?
~ For Life based education. And just not to complete grade based education.

~ University (college) education free for anyone.
– Why?
~ Came to know that most students have reason to avoid college’s higher education only for their money problems.
This point have ability to change the scenario.

~ Every handicapped person deserves our helpful hands and special services.
– Why?
~ Because they truly deserves it.

~ The person who wants it. For them “drinking” should not be illegal.
– Why?
~ Is that even deserves “Why?”? (the person should follow drink and drive rules in return)

~ Governments can rule in the country not on citizens heart and pockets.
– Why?
~ Do you wants to government rule on your heart and pockets?!

~ Every child, old person and in fact, anybody deserves a smile.
– Why?
~  🙂

~ Anyone should get what they want; at any cost even free.
– Why?
~ Don’t you just love the word “free”?!

~ One can leave their parents after high school and live independently on their own.
– Why?
~ Old age and orphan homes “thing” would/will not more part of the society. Young and old both minds could be more responsible towards their life and/or their goals and in the end they’d be responsible citizen of the world.

~ Meaning less movies should be give their half earned money to the needy people or even the new entrepreneur who wants/needs to start.
– Why?
~ You want it. You already lose my respect if you’re against this point.

~ Travelling should be free for the anyone who lives on the planet earth.
– Why?
~ Don’t you want it?!

In short, to avoid situation like when (if) I have two coins with me and there’s a beggar in front of me, I give one away and keep another to myself. That way, both the beggars are happy. Because both the parties are merely doing their job. This list is badly needed to avoid such situations. The list in no particular order but itself is so wrong that I can’t explain how stupid this sounds. Are you the same person who once saw things differently?! It isn’t about you finding your answers. It’s about you being brave enough to accept them.

Irony how, this list is still under in “What ifs” title. And it’s true to not just this idiot but also stupid, [Gut feeling is even/odd (in count of any) sense yet?!] Not making any sense, foolish or some-what-ifs-whose-whys-I-haven’t-figured-out-yet.


What’s next?

All of a sudden, some thoughts just visited mind and before they ditch me, its better I type them down; in no particular order.

Are you experiencing a kind of emptiness in your life? A kind of void space? The feeling of being the inspiration behind Aryabhatta’s discovery of zero! Like the whole world is moving with the speed of a Ferrari and your still stuck in the old, out of stock Maruti 400 that too in white color. Even every other girl or a guy roaming with their so called ‘soul mates’, and you still single or finding love in those typical, mainstream Rom-cons. If this was not enough, even the dumbest, ‘good for nothing’ creature in your arena starts looking like a C grade movie star. (But at least they have their own specific fan club!) Witnessing the buzz, the leisure and the glamorous life, and you doing nothing but sulk in your little mediocrity.

Being under the radar of every other elder in your family and neighbourhood’s aunties and uncles, trying to teach you sense out of their demeaning, not so important, never stopping time consuming talks, never-ending lectures. And necessarily only visiting your houses either for having the result-loaded laddoos or for the uninvited birthday treats or for the congratulating your parents on the stupidest thing. No block seems to fit in the already been solved puzzle. Like even the unanimated, immobile creature on the puzzle is laughing back at you. And you shouting, screaming, crying out loud at yourself… Oh god why me?!

Then you hear the voice which usually mentally challenged people used to do,

“Knock Knock…!”

“Who’s there?”

The other side replies with a devious little smile, “Oh you so don’t want to know…”

“I am the last proxy to your attendance, the final receipt to your canteen bill, the never again seen red marks on your answer sheet, the one who will take away your bunkers point, your last minute presentation making skills, the casual hie-five’s and not to forget the reason for the reduced trolls in gallery, the one who too weak to raise a good point, the one who sees blind people have beautiful eyes, and the one who only respond to those who are relevant to your rubbish! Well, I am your and only yours, stupid s-o-u-l! And yes, please carry on what’s in your mind?!”

“Actually, it really is that time when you see new humans around you weather it is in your college campus or even in your own world. No matter how you become WWE’s umpire during your skype when your friends starts criminal fight. When you see the newbies, just arrived first years’, you ask yourself ‘what have I done in the past years? I did have a plan right! Then what happened to that plan?’ And the answer to that is the plan got lost somewhere, while you were busy making memories with a bunch of so called idiots. And now these idiots seem to have become your life. The nothingness created with them in your lives is only thing that really matters.”

“Hey hey, what’s the matter be specific.”

“Trying to repair the damage and mend the little pieces they find in their way. Everyone is trying to roll on with their life, not knowing where it is leading them. Pretending to be sorted and painting a fake laugh at those seeming equally screwed. Taking these few days with sport and not letting the teary eyes flood. But what after this…. in which direction is your boat sailing to? Are you ready to step into the real world? To experience all those emotions instead of just sending them, to be the YouTube video and not the one increasing the views, to step out of that parental protective shield, to be this, to be that and what not! So I’m still a student of what’s next. Seriously, what next? No one really knows the answer. Although these little stunts might drool you over for some time, but the question still remains there itself… What’s Next? Do you know?”

“NO.” And that unknown voice goes where it belongs.

I seriously need purpose to live not just this stupidity. Irony is I’m posting this on the stupidest day in a year.

To those who think, I need to see a doctor. No, I don’t. I’ve seen more than enough of them. They are generally unkind, immensely capitalistic with minimum patience for what you’ve got to say about their patient’s stupid feelings or I should say never ending emojis. In fact, I should visit a shrink for my emotional problems but I won’t.  No, the point ain’t that I’m boring. The point is you’re yet to get used to it. Something is wrong with you. Not me. Okay. Be happy. With me too!

But Why?

Post: SEO
What actually they do?
1. Posts jokes and some (not sure, maybe) awareness on every possible social sites
2. Busy on gadgets (really don’t know for WHAT!)
3. Uses “tools”, this tool, that tool [other than (the main) brain] for what? (that’s the good question)
4. And somehow still they manages to make money well (don’t know Some-Which-What-How)

But first, let me be a selfiesh!

So looking at the selfie of girl with perfect slim, perfect hair, and dress like a cover page model Or looking at selfie of tall guy, with perfect jawline, perfectly waxed hairstyle and bunch of pack abs. You look at them and wish to become like him/her and in between ignoring the true fact how beautiful you’re. The trend is everywhere from Oscar to Bollywood to your Bathroom, you’ll find people awkwardly smiling at their own (and others too!) phone screen while drinking their coffee, eating at McDonalds, cuddling their pet, teddy they grew up with, making love to their mates, showing off their new lip shade with a pout… and what not?! There’s absolutely no situation (in this world, not sure about aliens!) where one can’t take a selfie.

In short, this gadgets screen is the new mirror for them. Remember, when self portrait known as today’s selfie and it speaks thousand words? No, for this generation a picture speaks thousand hashtags. The more hashtags the more you’ll come to know how beautiful the picture is. It has become important to snap every moment of life for this demanding tools known as Instagram, Snapchat… They always ask for more from you like a husband asking to go out with his friend and wife on her shopping spree.

They pretend their self as a professional photographer. If one is posting a selfie every day, their hobby isn’t photography. It’s narcissism. This trendy trends will get appreciated but the art of appreciating the inner beauty over the Selfie Beauty will soon go vanish. But the main thing here is how attractive people make a point to show their attractiveness to the people. People already judge and like you by the way you portray yourself on your social stage, so is it like in coming years people will go blind to inner beauty and choose a partner who knows how to flirt with camera and is a master with filters?! Are badly clicked pictures worth a thousand words or even hashtags too?! This post is not against selfie trend and I do not serve any Instagram, Snapchat… with all love and poses.

To be normal is amazing, being crazy is more. And it doesn’t takes any effort to be one. No need to show it off. You know who you’re. And someday everyone else will. It’s Alright to be yourself. No need to find yourself sipping coffee and wasting time on duing such things, where your two minutes magically stretch to 20 minutes in a second. And even Interstellar can’t beat that!

Their life is like a gadget with full of applications, they don’t know which options to choose from many applications available. And they end up choosing the one that sucks up maximum battery (life) out of you! And they always know that one can delete that damn applications and restart it again but what they do? they let that application to bother them for some more time until the other applications start feeling ignored. And maybe your problem now is “Which is the new best coffee in town that I need to taste?” (Enough ANDs) So why don’t just delete that one application and give yourself another chance to breathe in fresh air?!

I think, I’ve fulfilled my and (a bit) your intention here. Just updated another newest post with whatever I could manage!

Blowing out the Nth Candle!

Birthday is supposed to be a huge affair, be it yours or anyone else’s, for the simple reason that it doesn’t repeat itself for more than once in a year. I’m not talking about those ‘leap year kids’ who wait a bit too long for their next birthday to celebrate! I didn’t liked birthdays. (Not yours or anyone’s, but mine) Reason? I hate to be growing old. But loved to be growing up. Isn’t it fair? It is actually.

I’m writing this as a return gift of someone. How idiot I’m, I don’t even know who the person is? Being back here feels good. I didn’t expected such a short time between me and the writing this post. It’s just few days before I declare that I’m quitting blog and here I am. Same. To the demand of one of the reader/s. Selfish in me says do not ask to anyone about any return gift from now on, for sure. Because you end up like this; All giving it up.

Well, talking of myself, I completed few more years in this life yesterday, on January 25th, 2015. Its like saying I accomplished some free trips around the sun through and with an earth. Thanks to government and goodness they give holiday today. There’s definitely a good feeling to have survived this long, with little bit of amnesia and growing hairs to count for. One more boom and year, quarter of allotted 100 years are gone. But who lives for a 100 year nowadays except for some exceptions.

How do people live with the fact that they’ve been alive for years and they haven’t done anything that is significant or worthy?! Specially young years. I don’t remember (amnesia you see! I don’t know either) what or which legends are attached to my birthday. Because (sure enough!) is making one. Other than perception towards life, I believe these years I had were the best for any breathing soul out there. Enjoy, oxygen is still on this planet. Though I sound pessimistic and dark on my tweets and Facebook statuses, but deep down I know I’m one lucky bugger (spoiled child) who got to do things the way she like, no matter how unappetizing it turned out in the end.

Birthday, it is the day when your year seems to be ending quicker than the previous one. Of course, it’s just an illusion, fantasizes and whatnot. And birthday is the full of moments when Albert “Theory of Relativity” Einstein can’t stop rolling in his own coffin. It’s like you’re leaving behind the most important time of your life, and there are n number of generations now younger than you are. No matter how went through a lot of phases in such a young age; passed through the phase where everyone you know is your best-friend and another where no one is, and people you love passing away, lost friends but then you realized it was for the best, achieved and grew in career and discovered a lot of your own potential. And I don’t think past years were ever wasted on anything that didn’t make me who I am today. See, I don’t want to age. I don’t want to grow any stupider than I already am. Perhaps I’m just another old fool afraid of adding/turning into one more year old fool, again this year. But i can sum it up by it’s good to be young than yesterday, it’s good to be shine bright even burning with desire!

On a softer note, this is the same alone birthday where I don’t need to share my cake to anyone. Actually, I learned how to enjoy birthday alone. Try sometimes readers, it’s way feels good. Damn good. Some people are still trying to give best-est wishes “Jiyo Hazaro Saal”. But it was a failed attempt on their side and almost ruined the day for all of me! I said her Happy Mother’s Day and him Happy Father’s Day and made peace. I (hired) gave them post called parents. As far as relatives goes, I don’t give much wind! Or even chocolates!

For the (up) coming years, I want to be more responsible. I kept running away from my responsibilities because believed running is good for my health. I don’t want to make the same old excuses. I want to try some new ones too. I concur that I’m terribly self-obsessed but you know, I do realize that. But my only wish is to be remembered as that girl who never failed to laugh in spite of any other thing! I guess i’m putting the aging in engaging like never before.

Maybe its time to think about life. Maybe its time to look out for that old-new-pro-fashioned guy (What?!) who is crazy enough to love (with) me. Maybe its time to focus, just some more focus. Maybe its time to put a stop to all this absurdity. Maybe it’s time to just SHUT UP!

Nailed it!

They always say that we should listen to our heart and leave the rest on the universe. Well, they are mistaken. And they don’t even know how. Cheesy enough!

The thing is in way a rant of a frustrated student. If one do not agree with this, feel free to provide constructive criticism with reasons.

Reasons as to why you shouldn’t be in this College! Here’s a Thing that I wrote about Nirma! Frankly, I hate the place!

With the sucking (quite literally) heat/coldness of Ahmedabad and six back to back boring and over the top lectures, the day of weekday came to a halt. All I could hear after these two days is…
Is this what I really want to do?
I’m sleepy.
This place is boring.
I did not expect it to be so bad man!
And all I could say was, ‘I know that feel girl!’
Yes I did, at least from the time (maybe because it’s time that I joined the college) and so I came up with “some” points (extremely subjective) as to why one should not be in this college!

For the Irony of life!
Just as you enter the gate [The university spent a very high amount in the construction of its new gate (rumour claims it to be a whooping 1 crore rupees!)] of the college, you are welcomed by lush green trees with blossoming gardens. The sun shines brightly above your head and there’s this ‘feel’ as we call it while walking with your bag, full of exactly two books and a single use and throw pen. There seems no better place for the illusion of a beautiful nature that is created within the campus. But soon, you see gloomy faces all around. Specs clad students walking with pace that would sure give Usain Bolt a complex. No doubt the girls look as pretty as they ever would but the suffocating air that surrounds you, gulps you and you soon see yourself marching with the zombie army with your beard growing with the day!

For the toothy smile of your lecturers
For the whole day then, the classes change, the subjects change, the people sitting beside you change but, two things remain constant-
1. Your boredom and sleep.
2. Your lecturers. Yes their faces and accent does change but that doesn’t make much of a difference.

It rather shocks me as to how someone can modulate their voices and go on speaking so efficiently for an hour at a stretch without giving in to the drowsy, innocent faces of their students.

The day starts with the face of a heavy moustached man with vanishing hair and continues with a woman in punjabi dress and inaudible voice. A thin man then drops your jaw with his “Hinglish” and the jaw still hangs in disbelief with another man’s extremely polished English! Because they want you to be an “All-rounder”… Yes, a wannabe professional has to study Electrical Technology and Ethics & Values and Communication Skills (Not that I am complaining about the latter two, they just made my life much more interesting). And yes one needs to gorgeously mug up the huge ‘reference books’ in a worry that his classmate would overcome his hard-earned pointers! But ultimately, they turn you into a Horse! Sure enough one of you would have ridden a horse at least once in their life. And most of you must have noticed the blinkers that surround his/her eyes so as to restrict his/her vision only to one straight direction.

Some totally not properly planned crazy rules. Some (many!) things seem wrong to me.

1. Unnecessarily spending money on making the campus more and more beautiful, especially when that money could be used for a lot of productive activities like buying new instruments, research grants, Entrepreneurship, organizing seminars, etc.

2. The orthodox beliefs of the management. They shares a belief that a student needs to ‘taught’. More emphasis is being laid on ‘teaching’ them, than to help them learn. They need to be reminded that, A man can’t be taught, he can only learn from his mistakes.

3. Very much reflected in the 85% compulsory attendance rule.
Option A Below 85%? – Write papers (which people generally manage to copy in a day’s time and which contributes 0% to our academics)
Option B Below 60%? – Detained! (You have a genuine reason for such less attendance? Either you are ill, got hit in an accident, or anything else, you have to manage all that in just 15%. That’s just ridiculous. They won’t consider any medical certificate. Nobody gives a Damn! No one listens. No one cares. You have just ruined your career!)
I would like to refrain myself over talking much about this because almost everyone of us would have at least days of debate on this already. They should realize that attendance do not make us a good engineer or professional. It simply makes you a good student which doesn’t usually gets extended to a good engineer or professional. Institute doesn’t want to accept this simple fact. Plus, Institute hasn’t been able to put forward substantial proofs of the compulsory attendance had made a significant improvement in one’s performance. It’s just a hollow law imposed upon us, and we are here twisting into its wild clutches. If Institute is thinking that the learning atmosphere is pretty good and attendance is justifiable, they should come and have a look at the classes after the attendance being frozen. There are just handful number of students, though I have no intention to pin-point at them and I seriously respect their sincerity. But what about others? Why they have to come everyday, attend every lab and tutorial (Because, you are allowed to bunk only one lab or tutorial to make you fall in the above 85 bracket. Compulsory 85 in every component rather than average is yet another completely stupid rule) Physical attendance should not be confused with mental presence. One cannot compel thyself to attend this/that forcefully! While, the sincere students still remain sincere, the careless student doesn’t even care anyway. That sums it up why this rule is ineffective. Adding more to it, great professors don’t need the compulsory attendance to attract students in their classes, people will still flock to them if they are providing quality education. Come on, man.. we have come with a decent score, we are at least responsible enough and adequately concerned about our own future. So, Please! A good theoretical idea!

4. The hierarchical structure of the institute (management) directly contradict from the statement which they have hung in the Management building which states “There is no pleasure earned, without much pain”. A student with good motives find it hard to get things done. People often do not care about good initiatives. They just want to cover their official part of duty. Of course, they are right to do their duty. But I think the rules need to be changed. A college should to be more flexible as by the definition itself, it has to create a learning environment, not to hamper it.

5. Permission required to play in the courts, playgrounds. That’s not only the end of it. You can only play in the time span specified by them. Your college and your grounds, and yet, you need permission to enter! Make them free yaar!! Everyone want to play!

6. The Power Points picked up from the internet. Download of .exe files blocked. Why in the world, one can’t install a simple software? Free WiFi – everything blocked! What the hell are we supposed to do with Google homepage and Wikipedia? And what the hell are you providing for free? Every signal jammed! Vehicles in campus not allowed. If you construct your college far away from the city, even out of the reach of a proper public transport, how can you ban hostel residents to keep vehicles? Not a single management institute has this kind of a ridiculous rule. Students pay more than 50,000 INR per semester to watch NPTEL videos. Freedom (of anything) – don’t ever even dream of it! If institute really want the international standards and environment that top universities possess then freedom is an integral part of it. creativity cannot sprout if there is no freedom. They just forget that it’s a free country. A truly “technical” institution for you, folks!

7. Realize the placement companies mentioned in the website are truly hilarious. The eligibility bar set crashes the dreams of all others where many 6 pointers are way better than 9 pointers! Some are don’t even know about this!

8. The assignments/projects submission policy: Now want to remain away from the names (of faculties, of course!) but this is plain truth of what some of us went through. Sometimes you have to work with people you don’t even look at, just imagine the poor soul’s condition! Their archaic standards to compare students. They will judge you solely upon your pointers. That judging, is where the whole problem lies. You’re treated as a scumbag if you don’t get the pointers. On one hand, institute want us to submit work/projects on time, while never providing necessary guidance as to how to do that work. Knowing the truth about something is far more important than getting things done.

9. Why does one have to make a register entry at entry gate even having ID card? That too every time on making an entry or exit? The sheer number of ridiculous rules due to them, the number of times I felt rage boiling down inside me was large enough. No wonder, I won’t hesitate in refusing to help the institute in any way, if ever asked.

10. The quality of professors/lectures and management’s inattention towards the recent faculty drain and some reputed professors have left the college. The new ones don’t know much. Frankly, I simply fail understand why the faculty knowledge level is so low. They are being paid above 50K, and for what? Most of them can’t even write and successfully compile a code. Faculties being hardly available to your personal help or pleas (because they are always roaming around the campus or might be busy on their laptops, doing something I seriously don’t know what?!), you can get a feel of it being a government office than a college. Come across faculties who will go to all sorts of lengths to help you in your pursuit and even those who wouldn’t bother to do a Google search about some topic and rather say “Don’t ask me – I don’t know”! When this is the way a student is treated in the Institution, how does one expect him/her to be innovative and change the community. Never asked for a kidney. All I asked was to give me a chance to say. If I were a faculty, that would be the most insulting phrase for anyone to utter let alone do it myself! Damn it! just a curious soul and want to know from you I know there is a thing called Google exists. Had no help from the faculty or the deans. Amidst the chaos of the rules no one knew which applied how and when and where. For student like me, the hardest part has been sitting throughout the lecture and listening to a person, who for most of the part doesn’t understands what he is actually talking about. Sometimes I feel as if I could have in fact learned better, had I given the same time to a YouTube tutorial instead. A teacher cannot afford to be confused. He may not know certain things, and that is okay, but at least I expect to learn a certain basic concepts from him. It doesn’t makes sense if have to go home, unlearn what has been taught and again relearn the same from online sources. Because, I am a student and hope that stay a student as I learn much more when I teach than when I was being taught.

11. Caterers – Laziest people on earth! Want to experience a tour of mumbai locals in Institution? Come to K block during break-hours. Because, canteen not less than a fish market and filled with students. You cannot celebrate birthdays, cannot make announcements and you cannot find food all the time! Another British rule! Its come to a stage where some of our elders have really become far more immature than us.

12. The Institution is filled with students. Its difficult to find some privacy, Space crunch where one can sit and think. ‘Innovators/creators’ need to sit alone and think. As rare as they are, even if there is one in the college, unfortunately, he/she doesn’t have the ‘time’ or ‘space’ to do so. Are we left with enough energy to innovate and be creative after so much work? (One have to spent 10 hours of a day receiving and recovering from your college education!) Depends on an individual’s capacity but in general most people can’t!

13. And there are many more! Would love to mock at all those (literally!) fantasy lovers who have made the name “NirmaLand” viral. I mean, seriously let alone be it to be called a “Land” of its own, being here will make you feel like in any local institution (At a times, one must be tempted to feel that even the other colleges would have been a better option than this one). Some sections (no proper response is something which I won’t mention, because that will already look wearisome by now.) It is a sheer waste of time.

14. Also, adding to the endless agony, some good professors brag about our dearest alumni, Mr. Pranav Mistry. But no one ever mentions what made him unique, what projects he did, how he did them? Which confirms, professors, for most of the times, have no idea what a student is working on. At most, they would know the overview. Every University has a right to take credit of their alumni, but that is the case when the alumni himself believes that the university has in some way helped him. Has he himself really mentioned to anyone that he is a Nirma Institute alumni? Does he really cares where he did his B.Tech. from? Has he ever spoken of how the institute contributed in making him a better innovator? Even the best minds need guidance to become great. Does institute have someone of that level? Or have they lost hope that institute will not find the best minds?! We all could have taken admission to government colleges, but we choose Institute called Nirma, because we thought it would actually add value to us. I am sorry to say this, but except for the part where we get praises from relatives, I do not see any value added to me! Though I did made a few good friends, and I am grateful for that.

15. The institution has several other issues to deal with but management is one of the things that needs to be changed before its hard earned reputation goes to the dogs. But as long as people continue to sway in being a part of the crowd, nothing is truly going to happen. A Misconception, that it is a very good institute. No. It is not.

Considering the above facts, it is becoming more and more apparent that it has become a numbers game. Clearly, the quality has been significantly compromised. It’s No To Nirma for sure. Really feel sorry for parents to have them drained out of money for this piece of shit. From now onwards, will refuse to let not this stupid institute ruin my talent and creativity, be it in any sphere. Seriously think taking a drop would have been a much better option than to take up studying in this institute. Rules are meant to guide students, not make their student life experience a bitter one.

A history of people who were absent, and plans that did not come to pass. But you the institution; I preferred you over my passion. Clearly shows, my passion is strong enough. But remember one thing, free speech is so last century. Today’s students want the right to be comfortable. Will come with big bang!

Life here is same as the above situation. It is as if there is no life beyond the atoms revolving around its nucleus. You are looked up to as a criminal if you have more interest/knowledge about a certain Shakespeare or any Cyber thing more than the interest/knowledge you have about the one-phase and three-phase generators. Because you don’t want to bore the rest of the World!
‘Saw his result? He scored more than me!’
‘You know mom how that works?’
‘Yaar! kitna padha?’
And the list goes on! There’s this I.T. Vocabulary that you would become a part of your day to day life. No matter if you are on a date or at someone’s funeral, the dynamics of motion and the force-couple system is sure to haunt the people around you!

Dear Nirma,
ever heard of this? A school is as good as it students!
It’s not your, it’s about my standards.

After all this, let me add where Institute actually scores since desirability this (almost!) article to remain balanced. Purely exploitative in nature. It has got a very good library. By very good, sincerely mean very good. The day when books start judging us by our faces not far away!

For a extra Gyani note: If you are capable, and smart enough, you can shine through. Studying in a premier institute doesn’t even important. I am not bragging or boasting about it, but I am telling this because your grades and packages don’t define what you are and what your passion is, which is always with you. Not forcefully!

Not a big time follower of Shakespeare but remembered one thing which he said “What’s in a name?” well said man, well said!

I apologize for such a long post I have to speak through heart out loud. For the one to fight for the right thing because I have the guts to do it. Well, I can see how cheap your thoughts are to judge me from my this post habits! Keep going at least people have got some time to think/judging about me!

Creativity in me making sure you somehow spend your not-so-valuable time on reading this lame attempt at writing a post when there’s nothing to share about because i’m too busy thinking about my future that my present is blissfully blank and I don’t give a damn about it either.

N.B. Sorry but this shit happens when you’re so darn excited that even any of the weekday starts having an identity crisis.

Dear discontented Driver,

Have you even noticed one thing on your vehicle lately. Do check mate. See, when you whip across traffic to make a turn, that’s one thing. When you’re speeding in a school zone? Like, literally right next to a school? That’s another. When you almost hit a uncles who’s just trying to enjoy his morning run? When kids enjoys there breaks in schools. Yeah, your driving record isn’t entirely spotless. So, I’m sorry, you don’t get to be pissed when I flick you off for almost killing me. It’s Ahmedabad dude not “your rules and your owned planet”.
Seriously, what happens when I give you the finger? I get my catharsis and you get, what, your feelings hurt? There are no real consequences of my giving you the middle finger. I can even drive you crazy to the nearest police station. Now, what happens if I didn’t have a fast enough reaction time to your general jackass-ery? I end up in the hospital because some guy in as a form of military attack wasn’t paying attention to the fact that he’s responsible for several tons of metal. Pretty sure I’m closer to being in the right here…
Almost close to death today because of your fault.
But still telling this on my blog read it.