Thinking about freedom (Again)

What does freedom mean to me? Of course and with source, Honestly?! Apart from word, in this nation freedom means nothing. Absolutely nothing. Freedom is a concept created by government to keep us in check. We’re convinced that we have “Freedom of anything” so we won’t rebel against the established order. The black man in prison for questionable charges thinks freedom means getting a fair trial so he can be released to see his family again. What is freedom exactly? Swinging on the swing set of a playground at 4 AM, being able to express all forms of thinking or thought (even those that are considered politically/ technically incorrect).

So what does freedom mean? Skydiving, Release, Revolution, Everything. Yet somehow freedom is meaningless. Everything we do and say because freedom is the fabric of existence itself. It is a pissed off purple fairy that arms itself with an AK-47, knowing that you’re alive and waking up in the morning, embracing this you’re alive and the freedom to kill yourself being illegal. Freedom is random. Now, that will involve more of discovering than rediscovering. Freedom is not a two party system that calls itself a democracy neither a free speech zone. Freedom is too geometrically-challenged to ever come full circle. Freedom is not where people take seconds and judges take years to judge anyone. All we want is complete combination of Freedom and Independence and Interdependence.

According to Oxford American Dictionary,

Freedom: The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
Independence: Free from outside control; not depending on anothers’ authority. Not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence.
Interdependence: Mutual dependence between things.

On a certain level, People would like to free thyself from societal expectations of living life on their certain way. A independence from the notion that they have to make a certain amount of money, participate in the insane idea of growth, and live a certain way, in order to be considered successful. Because they’ve tried that and don’t feel it. Define freedom or success as living an authentic life, of pursuing what is important to them/us. Yet, we’ve spent the years of our life pursuing the success definitions of others. We’re working on gaining independence from our need to do that. Some do that by choosing to be as they are (being accepting all awareness of the negative consequences), for example.

We have a copy right and original content, patent terms but then again the question is why can’t we stop plagiarism. Freedom is an overused term that has been marketed and commercialized to stupid people who buy it in materialized forms. A free game that people play when they’re not working. Freedom is Santa Claus on a website created by the Easter Bunny. Freedom is an animal being released from its cage. Freedom is an artist being released from a mental institution. Freedom is a radical being released from a prison cell. Freedom comes from the inside, as many of us know. Freedom is playing with toys when you’re 30. Freedom is reading the newspaper when you’re 7.

Actually we don’t know the the first taste of Freedom. All we know is how free-doom. No, I did not mentioned net neutrality here yet. No need for (a big) explanation either. We all know about it. But yes that is also (a kind of) fight for freedom from… Well, you know what I mean right? Writing about freedom in month of March adding more sense to it. We might be able to taste this Freedom (of our era) of our need, greed and deeds. Yes, We will. May be.

What does freedom mean to you? Is creating your own definition of freedom an act of freedom? Would freedom exist if we weren’t here to define it? Freedom raises a lot of questions yet freedom is beyond words. Oh yes, it is a matter of feeling. Freedom of anything to everything to nothing. Just not a thing, it is beyond “a thing”. Freedom of speech and freedom of thought/thinking. Freedom is being able to say you hate this country while still living in it. Freedom is punk before it gets labelled as such.

We are freedom. A Drum roll for freedom. Let’s fight for our right to be free! The infinite freedom that we all dream of…!