Twitter tale

Under the sun and many moons ago I created twitter account on planet called earth. Still can not figure out why I made this horrible decision. Just why. Completely agree that childish decision I ever made is to have a twitter. The amount of time people waste on Twitter is nothing compared to what they waste on doing nothing! People live by passion and then leave by memory. At the end of the day, nothing remains but words. Think about it. Its either words or in this (my) case, tweets. Some people are a huge critic of my tweeting habits (they don’t use twitter though) and I don’t blame them. They says I’m wasting my invisible-to-me talent on something that’s worthless. But it is all the difference between ‘Take me seriously.’ vs ‘Take me, seriously.’ If I had friends, I’d have taken a poll every single day until each one of them abandoned me. And read this crap. If you too don’t know what I’m talking about, we could either be related or potential friends or best friends. Even or odd on twitter.

Twitter because some thoughts are better written than said. Twitter because some of your own thoughts come in form of answers to questions you haven’t asked yet. Twitter because I can write everything, yet still tell nothing. As useless as it seems. Twitter because what I write and what you read are two completely different things. Twitter because hearts can hide so much, minds can not at least in 140 space. Twitter because get obsessed with an idea instead of with self. The self is too small a place to create an epic meaning. Anywhere. Twitter because your life is your message. So better make it kind of a bumper sticker. And many other be-causes.

On twitter, people don’t say it out loud but they just want to be appreciated for what they are or who they pretend to be. Nothing more. Nothing less. Some stop being original. In case of Twitter, people who are having so many lively moments in life, they never face short of tweets. People around us want us to look up to someone for inspiration. Specially on twitter. I never understood why do people tweet/re-tweet morals they don’t even go by?! At the same time, twitter is the subtle art of sharing your feelings, but hiding your story. At least in 140 space. Nobody tells you to look at yourself, to find the real YOU. Apparently, the elders play safe. Having seen the hardship of life, they want their kids to grow up safe and sound (no matter how deafening the reality is!).

I tweet just for the heck of it. I tweet just for myself and not to impress anyone. (Any-No-one even deserve my tweet? You see how worthless I am.) Sometimes they make sense and sometimes don’t, sometimes intelligence, sometimes sarcasm. More often than not, they just sucks. Unfair enough. It’s good to remain a mystery to most. Not everyone needs to know you. But on twitter. Story is different. The Twitter account is basically person’s inner-self talking out loud. Twitter is and by far, the cheapest addiction I’ve ever had. And still have. Food and drinks? Home-made. (It’s a different story that I tweet drunk even though I’m a teetotaller trying to leave coffee and surviving on chocolate malt drink mixes as health drinks!). God is whom I troll when I run out of pseudo-funny tweets. Not to brag but I’d be a best-selling author if I wrote a book about all the things that don’t actually happen no matter how hard I pray God for them on twitter. Let’s not meet and ruin whatever is left of awesomeness. The most hilarious or I should say needy thing I ever got on twitter is “I urgently need a true friend. Please DM.” I sincerely don’t know by whom. I tweet about the same or random topic, but i’ve my defense side clear, I haven’t read the entire internet yet.

It’s a good thing I don’t care who reads what I write. It’s a bad thing some do and know me more than they should have. I’m finding the reason why they even read. The reason why I’m always anxious is that I’ve witnessed a lot of desired things in my life not happen, and I’m afraid this is one of them. Do not judge “the thing” by what people are tweeting about it. I have less followers because no one follows me! No one follows me because I have less followers. To begin with, numbers define our position, right? How much do you earn? How many years of experience? How many followers do you have? Apparently, having more than 100 followers (When human population crossed 7.2 billion!) is a big deal. Yes, IT IS FOR ME. A posed DP of child receiving 100+ likes on Facebook makes you revel while a dipped-in-fancy-filters images garnering 70 hearts is supposed to be a sign of fame. I don’t even know what popularity is. I don’t want to know it either. Because I doubt on myself if I could handle/survive it. I don’t have gazillions of followers like people who joined much later. Still I hold the bragging right! In fact, I don’t have any clue why these few people follows me. Still! Reason? Just one. Every unwritten thought is a wasted and could have been good piece of writing. Then just tweet. As simple as that. Why just tweet? Well, all I can say is, It doesn’t take talent to tweet, just a keyboard or keypad on phone will do. People either follow you or don’t but you walk alone. Always. Though, I never say this to anyone. There is no need, you see.

Some questions every time knock my mind when I press tweet button like what truly seems to be happening we as individuals have lowered our expectations to such a level that we crave validation from absolute strangers. Who are these people? Will I ever be able to connect with them? Is there any scope for building a relationship that lasts longer than ‘a trend’ on Twitter? And speaking of validation, what if every single person who comes across your tweets agrees with you? What next? What will you do? Consider yourself a celebrity just because your thoughts (read: so called jokes) are being celebrated? An advisable move would be to just keep doing what you like doing without worrying who’s noticing and who isn’t. And with this clarification which I made up in my mind. I just tweet. Tweet for the sake of it. I write and I disappear. End of discussion. But at the same and different time, I appreciate the time the ‘absolute strangers’ took to pay attention. But engaging them in an exhibitive and trivial conversation would be stretching it too far. Saving my and their time. By this both side stranger save time. Sounds fair? No.

I’ve tried everything within my power to appreciate it (and I do, God, believe me I do, but it’s not enough). You think it’s tough getting into, try getting out from twitter at least for few days (being reasonable). I must say, I just tried this few days ago, and stayed away from Twitter for (360 hours that’s not round figure in sense. Forget the mathematics) 2 weeks and was foolish enough to believe that I was cured/survived. That is the stupidest thing I have done on Twitter.  For this you just need one thing into mind just try to keep a fairly busy schedule so that you don’t have too much time to sit around and think; too much thinking can easily backfire on twitter if you have nothing else to occupy your time. Both your admirers as well as your detractors will forget you if you don’t log in (in my case) for 2 weeks. Just trust me on this. I’ve so called experience on this. A day without Twitter or any other social networking site was pretty good. Pretty damn good. Will definitely try to do better next time. On twitter spammers who have followers, the followers tend to be spammers too. I wonder what and where will I get or do update when twitter goes down. This is what social sites make you. Worthless. Worried. Pointless about your creative thinking, mind, and whatnot.

#The #future #in #which #people #only #communicate #through #hashtags. Is not far.
In the future, people will be paid to have troll like conversations on the Internet, to maintain the fantasy of a digital underclass. Specially those new start ups or companies. When we talking about what is going to be weapon on third world war. Maybe it is Twitter. Battle may begun on twitter and ends nowhere. Still it is (in) maybe-zone(ed). Twitter remembers that you came into this world full of nothing but love, (only if it allows people) to work on cultivating that feeling once again within self and learn to become your own best friend. But then you know, you are going to die (anytime, anywhere, anyhow!) soon and out of 7.2 billion people on earth 99.9999999% people don’t even know you exist not just on twitter. And you probably know you’re going to miss your own death because you’re distracted by gadgets. The day is not far when you goes to the doctor for ‘remedy to avoid social networking sites.’

Twitter appreciate all of your unique personality traits, quirks, habits, and cut yourself some slack. We’re the same humans on twitter who have mouths to speak, yet we can’t conversation without a character limit. Though twitter’s emptiness occupies the most space in heart. Before technology going to lead us. All we need is conversation without a character limit. So next time when someone asks you WHY TWITTER? Show this. Because I made all the point for that person whom you can tell “Why not on twitter?” And all I’m writing this here. Unfair enough! Would like to write someday about the Quora for the same. But till then. Enough said.