Quack Quack Earthquake!

Once again earth is setting up stage from the core. Just again earth said, “that was just me rocking your world. And trust me this tremors are just trailers or spoilers the worst is yet come”. This “tremor thing” is when we wake up from our incessant daydreams and realize nature is still the boss. Yes, in India we are just one more day to a huge earthquake. Heart goes out to those in Nepal affected. A huge damage reported in Nepal. Just few minutes before this cursed to our humanity (and I’m writing about it). It is 7.8 magnitude. Remember that Richter scale is logarithmic! Sad part is that even these catastrophic events will be linked with political satire and jokes. More details… You already know about it.

Here’s my tolerating tale.
I felt you. Finally, I felt you. And I really want it too. No I’m not that excited to writing about the subject since there are a countless people lost their lives. But still I want it to continue just for the positive side. I don’t know why suddenly I’m writing about this earthy feeling but since I missed it in 2001 I desperately waiting for it. Yes as weird as it sounds but I missed it in 2001 in fact I don’t even know the meaning of that word in 2001. Honestly, I came to know this word only after 2001’s Gujarat earthquake. Almost after decades Earthquake (which I felt) and now no I’m not expecting you more. Somewhere from Gujarat earthquake to Nepal earthquake we grew up! Needless to say, I faced it in my craziness by saying to self “What the hell? Why I feel so nervous and shivering for no reason!” I felt that in weird way. And continued my stuff on the second thought. Maybe weekend is ruined again by these disturbing things. Fresh feeling can’t explain it more. Also, there is a negative part. Many people lost their lives in other states.

This is absolutely not a intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments. During a crisis… better to keep quiet. But seriously, I sincerely want to thank all that users of Facebook for not updating “feeling Earthquake” Or Twitter’s favorite question “What’s happening?” to Earthquake! People are improving on social sites. While some are waiting for “that pictures” of the place. Meanwhile some are worried and reporting (both at the same time!) the scenario like a desperate (wannabe) journalists on the same sites. No, what I’m doing is not part of any journalism. I’m just updating my blog since I found the subject and time of course!

“What’s the matter with me? I don’t have any feelings left?!” Only for those who missed the Earthquake. The bottom line is this earthquake didn’t affect you or anyone. Just like so many horrible news report from across the world. But after this all you move on. Because smile, you’re psychopath and that is life.