Insecure Maggi bowl

Update: Just had a WWE fight/debate with the person who said “I didn’t liked Maggi in the first place.”
How to win? I won by UN-friending! The person has no choice since s/he can’t win against ‘twice’ debate winner. (bragging? Oh truly yes it is!)
Also, you won’t believe what happened next! Got to know this human does not exist anymore.
Does anybody know where can I hide a dead body? 😉

Well now, we live in the country where Maggi might be ban in month of May. Why FSSAI why? Aren’t you love this humanity. Or should I give you more reason to love it. What and why not you can’t secure a bowl of maggi anymore? FSSAI, why your eyes on poor man’s plate? You’re the only reason that it is not my bowl of maggi anymore. Can’t you see other harming objects?

In all sincerity, “the Maggi ban” just seems like another impulsive roar. Yes, a roar from soul. From children to youngsters to grand people to which not generation. In my all contacts (lets find out your too!), there is no single person who hated this object.

No I’m not trying to tiny teenager over this topic. I’ve seen some grand uncles and aunties who used to love this food like anything. Still. No exception, I’m too. And there is no harm writing about this yummy topic in this stupid blog to make it more stupider. Besides its quick preparation time, the instant noodles permeated into our minds as an object of emotional attachment. This is the stuff that ruins and builds friendships. Came to know its negative part but it is all right even I found cyanide in it. I don’t know why I’m taking side but I never ate Maggi as an healthy food. Ever.

My Maggi, your Maggi, Our Maggi. My reputation in kitchen depends on this only food. What a struggle! I do remember the day I tried to make Maggi noodles by watching youtube video to surprise family. And I succeed. Trust me, this is the very second object who made me believe that I can cook (very well!) first is making my favourite (in any season and without any reason) cold coffee. I’m no big fan of junk food. I’m little choosy when it comes to junk food or any ‘outsider’ food. I can give whole extra points to mumma when it comes to fabulous ‘homely heavenly’ food. Yes, I prefer home food over junk. The only reason I liked Maggi for it’s not called junk. Since I started to know eat! If it is called, then keep it that way.

But hey FSSAI, what has this small packet done to you that you cruelly banning it? Why they’re banning these things. Banning is not an particular problem’s solution. We need perfect sources with approved solutions. But not the BAN. What about those Pan Pasand, Rajnigandha and cigarettes ads? They’re about men proud of being Indian. For having 50 paise packet in pocket and proud Indian. LOL, ROFL, LMAO… on your marketing. Are we suppose to live through a Pan masala age? Aren’t they deserve that ban word first. Can’t we learn something from other countries on this and many other subjects. It is not about to copy their system but we have well observed their system. Can’t we make a change NOW (then when?) in this “system”. One thing hurts hardly is, they’re not (even trying to) ban tobacco and cigarettes. Aren’t these are the real objects who harm us more than single packet of a maggi. As i’m in India and being live in Gujarat where there is no alcohol allowed, non-veg I don’t prefer, junk food I don’t like. Man, this is just time to survive on different ancient food since they’re about to ban on Maggi. By banning Maggi, this government is noodles-sly interfering in food. Questionable food-lead-ership. And while I’m writing this maybe our PM enjoys their last noodles in china 😉 But hey Mr. PM, come back to your country and have a look what your own country is up to. Others can wait.

The problem is some know what they want among a lot of people who haven’t figured out that for themselves yet. Oh wait, did I disturbed your taste buds right now? My Mission accomplished. Now what are you waiting for? Go… Go… Go… get your priorities straight my friend. Listen to your taste buds first.

This blog statement itself is so right that I can’t explain how stupid this sounds. Still reading? Thank you for reading this 5 minutes blog! Not at all apologize for waste of your time. This is the issue which I have to write on. Because it has an impact on me. On you. On us.